Avance Organizacional Consultores

AOC is a company with extensive experience in managerial, human, and organizational development, and operative organizational analysis within Latin American market. We understand the critical necessity for organizations to strengthen the potential of their key asset: people. We are aware of the type of operative problems organizations face given recurrent situations of crisis and the urgency for adapting to a changing environment. To deal with these concerns, we design specific forms to shepherd organizational BEING-DOING processes towards a comprehensive management that contributes value and secures sustainability to the operation.

Avance Organizacional Consultores


To be a prestigious consulting firm with influence to share with its clients transformational processes focused on their corporate BEING-DOING


To develop an innovative professional practice aimed at:

- Transferring a type of knowledge appropriately validated by the experience that warrants its functionality and effectiveness.

- Praising the expression of life through work processes that produce both material and spiritual welfare.

Specialised consulting services

Our products and services are the result of a genuine service vocation guided by a “doing-together” process (consultant-client) which enables the client organization to secure not only its survival but also a performance that contributes value towards a sustainable development. For further information click on any of the following services: fa-briefcase

  • Organizational architecture

  • Transformational training processes

  • Recruitment and human talent development

  • Corporate ecologic fingerprint

  • Voluntary Environmental Programs Design

  • Environmental management systems

  • Environmental impact analysis

  • Corporate eco-efficiency

  • Coaching School

  • Education processes for innovation

  • Comprehensive management for educational institutions

Our Team

Our Clients

Our consulting work encompasses both public and private sectors as well as trade-unions


AOC hace presencia en el MIX

AOC hace presencia en el MIX

El Management Innovation Exchange -MIX- es un proyecto dirigido por los más reconocidos especialistas internacionales en gestión empresarial, que tiene por objeto “reinventar” la manera en que las organizaciones enfocan…
Consultoría en el Consejo Superior de la Judicatura

Consultoría en el Consejo Superior de la Judicatura

En el marco de una convocatoria internacional realizada por la Nación y el Banco Mundial, en septiembre de 2014 nuestra firma fue adjudicataria del proceso para elaborar el modelo operativo…
Por la dignificación de la condición de víctima del conflicto

Por la dignificación de la condición de víctima del conflicto

Entre enero y junio de 2015 estaremos ejecutando un proceso de consultoría que tiene por objeto la revisión del “Programa de acompañamiento a la inversión adecuada de los recursos de…
Alineamiento en la ILC

Alineamiento en la ILC

Avance Organizacional Consultores tiene el orgullo de haber sido la firma escogida por la Industria Licorera de Caldas -principal empresa de ese departamento colombiano- para realizar el proceso de alineamiento…

Contact Us

If you want to get further information on our services e-mail us to consultores@avanceog.com If you want to be part of our recruitment processes e-mail us to hojasdevida@avanceog.com Skype: avanceog

Torre Avenida Chile (Carrera 11 No. 71-41, oficina 202), Bogotá D.C. - Colombia

+57 (1) 310 0470 / 211 1607 (Colombia)

+44(0) 7898 739 127 (United Kingdom: - London)



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